Art and design for purpose

Sourced from humans in need, paid forward

Products that create impact

We source from humans in need, such as disadvantaged youth and street artists. We provide income to these artists, and look to support them to increase their income from promoting their artwork. We ethically source out products (t-shirts, beanies, hoodies) and then donate a portion of gross profit from the sale of each item

Make a connection with your tee

Our tees don’t just donate. Our tees make connections. Every time you pull on one of our tees, you can feel proud that you are wearing a symbol for hope.  

Be Human is building a community of support around our causes and believe that every person can be part of team human.  You will be able to hear directly from some of the people your tee purchases have helped.

Direct donations

We don't wait to work out annual net profits, we make a donation at point of sale from gross profits (not net profit that can be manipulated)

From artist to not for profit

We aim to source artwork from humans we want to support. At risk youth, disadvantaged and young street artists. Be Human will pay for the artist for their work and provide a financial benefit back to the artist for each item sold featuring their artwork.
Donations will be made to the not for profits that are partnered or aligned with the cause that works with and supports those artists.For example, a youth that has been placed back in school by Youth off the streets,  profits from their artwork will provide for a donation for each item sold back to Youth off the street

Join team Be Human and change the outlook of those less fortunate, Help them to lift their heads up high