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This is how we work

From a quick introduction chat, to a working product is what we love to do (at speed). Below is our initial rapid concept process

From a quick call, we can work out if Be Human are the people to work with you to get your idea off the ground


A one day process of who, why and how

We incorporate mature tools and our own process to identify who you really are, what motivates you and why are are doing what your are doing

This may seem simple, however getting this down on paper allows the next phases to be guided by a framework that all our decisions will be guided by

Outcome focused
1. Opportunity
2. Product
3. Brand and marketing
4. Technical approach
5. Initial design concepts


A two to three day process where we we identify design across your platform.

Web and mobile user interface, customer centred design, brand and colour palette integration

Wireframes developed for building your product

Prototype to Product

two to three weeks of product development. This covers

brand design, product design, mobile app prototype, website creation and pitch for consumer engagement


Entrepreneurs are innovators at heart. We help boil down and get to the heart of the innovation opportunity


Strategy is often overthought or neglected. We spend time with you to understand your strategy and focus on short term goals to achieve strategic outcomes


We are a digital product house, with experienced professionals across design, web, mobile.

15 years of product development, innovation and growth


Our CTO is an industry veteran and serial entrepreneur. He is at the forefront of technology changes and developments.

A true innovator and exploiter of technology to create business outcomes


Our CMO is a brand, marketing and sales expert. A former Redbull veteran who specialises in brand, partnerships, market development and strategy

We are perfectly placed to develop your brand and strategic marketing plans


Whether is is rapid product delivery to get into market.  A customer focused approach for validation and user engagement

Or accelerated prototype and proof of concept so you can pitch for seed funding or to gain entry into an incubator we can deliver fast


Get moving with the below options

A  process of who, why and how

We incorporate mature tools and our own process that covers
1. Opportunity
2. Product
3. Technical approach
4. Initial design concepts

Discovery and design

Discovery + a process where we we identify design across web and/or mobile user interface,

Wireframes developed for building your product


We build a working proof of concept or a minimal viable product case dependant.

Come and work with Be Human. We are here to help and partner with you to bring your vision to life

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