why artwork for good

to give disadvantaged youths a pathway to a happy and fulfilled life

youth sourced artwork

young humans

We believe every human deserves a chance at creating a fulfilling life for themselves.

Our mission is to support young disadvantaged people before they fall through the cracks or face a lifetime of the streets.

This social impact is what drives us and is why Be Human exists, and we plan to do it in step change.

artwork sourced

The artworks are catalogued and artist assigned as the owner.

Each artwork will be digitised and the artist will be paid for their artworks either when sold, leased or used in any form, such as printed on a t-shirt.

democratising art

All artworks (with artist permission) will be made available online for customers to buy. They do this by choosing an artwork, desired size and resolution and paying through our online checkout.

lease initiative

We will provide artwork over designated rolling periods to businesses and privately.

Each artwork will be available for sale, or release into the next period.

development programs

Be Human bank a percentage of profit to invest in a youth development.

social investment

Be Human use a percentage of profit to invest in our development programs

youth programs

We believe in doing more than providing income streams to our artists

Mentorship of our young artists of working age to ready for work (determined by age, last schooling experience, accessibility to high school education).

re-entry to education

Support for re-entry into education in 2022. (Key college, or local high school).

design school

Taking our great young artists and giving them internal work experience in our 'design school' so that they are better prepared for gaining employment as artists, user interface or user experience designers

Delivering purpose for young people.

We are creating social purpose in step change