humanity is to Be Human

Who is Be Human

A for purpose product and technology social enterprise

We use technology, art and design to build platforms and create collective initiatives to build digital products. We also have an art and design initiative aimed at putting money in young artists pockets and supporting charitable causes

As a for purpose business, our mission is to support, develop and deliver positive social impact

With a core value of humanity we work to deliver this through partnerships and businesses that have a like mind

We are passionate about providing positive outcomes for humans in need. Such as disadvantaged youth and people suffering from mental health, and pledge to donate profits to partners that have proven positive social impact

Social Entrepreneurs

a human collective with a wealth of technology, product, brand and marketing experience

Joined together to create a for purpose business that delivers positive social impact

Human Centric

humanity is to be human, everything we do is to benefit humans

Be it personal development, humans in need, building career paths or education

We stand by our promise to support humans

Thought Leaders

We combine our experience into thought leadership.

We use this to solve problems and create opportunity through products, technologies and community engagement


Leaving a legacy is what drives us. Our measure of success is to be able to leave the world in a better place than we found it

A legacy that will can continue for generations to come

Technology for Purpose

As experienced technologists and technology professionals we are o building technology platforms and applications that make a difference

Product and Strategy

We combine years of experience across marketing, product and strategy to build not only our products but to partner with other social entrepreneurs

Social Entrepreneur partners

We love entrepreneurs, and are here to help

We support and partner with like minded social entrepreneurs to develop their thought work and define their vision

Start-up framework

Social entrepreneurs in particular need to work within framework(s) to guide their strategy, actions an accountability

Innovation begins

We work with entrepreneurs for initial discover, design and product strategy.

We focus on core product and market fit strategy


Whether it is a hackathon, incubator pitch or crowd funding campaign we have a framework to successfully deliver this.

COVID-19 Hackathon

Exposure Tracker: Crowdsourced Contact Tracking for Good

Be Human partnered with Stephanie Hedger for a Neo4j global hackathon to prototype a database, location tracking and time tree. This allowed graph to map locations and hotspots. We backed this up with a product prototype and launch website


Put simply, gathering people movement saves lives. The faster we can identify risk, the faster we can enable contact tracing the earlier people are made aware, and the earlier the health care system can test and care for people

Exposure TrackIt
Art and design for purpose coming soon

Products for humans

We cannot have a core value of humanity if we don't work to create opportunity and provide support for the betterment of humans.

Art and design from designer to not for profit
Design source
Be Human sources art and design from street artists, young and disadvantaged youths
We use this art to create products such as t-shirts, caps and bags
Donation to the cause
From each sale we donate a percentage of the gross profit

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